Top Tips to enjoy your winter holiday

  1. Only wear 1 pair of ski/ snowboard socks with your boots - we recommend wearing Merino wool based socks

  2. Do not tuck your thermals into your boots - this can create pressure points and rubbing

  3. Place rental boots, toes up on the dryers - this helps the warm air circulate to the toes

  4. If you have your own boots check if they have been heat moulded. We do not recommend you put heat moulded boots on the dryers - if in doubt ask one of the boot fitters at your appointment

  5. Loosely buckle your boots up every night. This will help to keep their shape and make them easier to do up the next morning

  6. If a buckle is too tight on one notch and too loose on the next, twist to buckle to extend or shorten it

  7. Take a photo of the code on your skis so you can distinguish from others in your group and others on the mountain, also look for the Gravier ski logo which is on the tips of every pair of skis

  8. If you are walking around town, keep your buckles done up. This will prevent your foot from moving around and forming creases in your socks which can create pressure points

  9. At the end of your stay, please leave your boots done up on the floor of the boot room ready for collection. You do not need to put them back on the boot dryers after your last day as we will dry all the boots back at the shop.

  10. At any point in your stay, just let you hosts know if you need any adjustments or alterations to your equipment and they will contact your Gravier Ski Shop

We will be back open in December 2020

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